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Fly to Brazil to attend and celebrate the forty six day annual festival before Easter. Brazilian Carnival is a popular festival celebrated by the Brazilians feasting all night long for more than a month. Be there to witness these awesome celebrations especially in the coastal and it is the most famous holiday among the locals. Book now before you miss this glorious occasion. Make it the chance to blend in with the culture and locals and celebrate the carnival together. Do your bookings now with Cheap Flights to Brazil for cheap tickets and cheap fares.


Economy Class Flight Offers to Brazil from United Kingdom

Flights to Rio De Janeiro
£ 526
Incl. all taxes & fees
Departure : Heathrow
Book Before : 31/12/2015
Journey/Cabin : Return/Economy
Flights to Belem
£ 550
Incl. all taxes & fees
Tam Brazil
Departure : gatwick
Book Before : 31/12/2015
Journey/Cabin : Return/Economy
Flights to Salvador
£ 532
Incl. all taxes & fees
Tap Portugal
Departure : Heathrow
Book Before : 31/12/2015
Journey/Cabin : Return/Economy
Flights to Rio De Janeiro
£ 576
Incl. all taxes & fees
Departure : gatwick
Book Before : 31/12/2015
Journey/Cabin : Return/Economy
Flights to Boa Vista
£ 578
Incl. all taxes & fees
Departure : Heathrow
Book Before : 31/12/2015
Journey/Cabin : Return/Economy
Flights to Brasilia
£ 526
Incl. all taxes & fees
Departure : gatwick
Book Before : 31/12/2015
Journey/Cabin : Return/Economy
Flights to Fortaleza
£ 588
Incl. all taxes & fees
Departure : Heathrow
Book Before : 31/12/2015
Journey/Cabin : Return/Economy
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  Places to Visit in Brazil  

Sau Paulo


Maracana Football Stadium

Cheap flights to BrazilThis is the largest city and also a popular tourist precinct in Brazil. The multiple collections of skyscrapers standing in the heart of city and the breathtaking views of great architecture around the city will make your visit worthwhile. Pay a visit and admire the great historical architectural designs. To add some glitter and glamour, be there to watch the Sau Paulo Fashion week filled with wannabe models, world renowned fashion designers and for the latest styles.

Cheap flights to BrazilOpened during the 1950 FIFA World Cup, the stadium hosts a range of events including music, games and cultural shows. It has a capacity to hold more than 80,000 spectators. Be one of them by flying to cheer up for your favourite team during the upcoming FIFA World Cup Tournament. So book the tickets for the event while booking the tickets with us from UK to Brazil with Cheap Flights to Brazil. We save pounds to your wallet by giving you the cheapest deals for the cheapest rates. So make it to Brazil and make presence at the FIFA World Cup Tournament in Maracana Stadium in Brazil by booking with Cheap Flights to Brazil for cheap tickets.

Rio de Janeiro

Cachoeria de Roncadeira Waterfall

Cheap flights to BrazilMany travelers from all over the world and including Brazilians visit Rio de Janeiro making it the most visited destination in Brazil. This city holds one of the seven world wonders in the world – Christ the Redeemer Statue. The city is beautiful and once you fall for its charm, you are never out of it. Other notable landmarks and sights that make Rio a must-see destination are the natural beauty, carnival celebrations, the sandy beaches and Sugarloaf Mountain.

Cheap flights to BrazilIt is said that there are around 80 identified waterfalls and caves in Brazil of which about 20 are open for public viewing. Cachoeria de Roncadeira Waterfall is the tallest having a height of 70m. The natural setting and the scenery is so epic that it is mind blowing. With the assistance of the tour guides, you have the chance to do some swimming where there are small pools. Amazingly, the place got restaurants too, so have a great swim, enjoy the scenery and dine in or have a lazy lunch.

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Brazilians are sports fans and the most popular sport among the locals is football. Brazil has won the FIFA World Cup Tournament five times and prides them. If you are a sports lover, Brazil is the place to be – water sports, indoor sports, outdoor sports, adventure and action – all lined up in Brazil so hop in for a tour in Brazil to play your favourite sports and engage in new ones. Just make a simple click and book with Cheap Flights to Brazil for the cheapest rates and cheap tickets. There direct flights and stopover flights from Cheap Flights to Brazil all the way from UK. Make it to Brazil with us for fabulous offers and fantastic deals. Don’t miss this chance, hurry and book now!

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